Progression of Gun Free Zone

We were protecting our Children.  There was violence in other towns and cities, so we made gun free zones. We declared that no one would be allowed to bring any guns into areas where children were being educated or assembled for entertainment.  Our children brought their Smart phones with them just in case.  Little did we know they were playing video games on them.  There were killing games.  Once or twice we saw the ads for them and didn’t think they were harmful to our children.

Then one of our sons began hanging out in a gun store.  He began preparing for war.  We could not figure out why the kids in school were so mean to this precious kid of ours.  We had raised him to be a peaceful child.   We never had taught him to fight, never had his father taught him to fight.  There were times when he would come home from school and go straight to his room, a couple of tears in his eyes held back.

He asked me if he could be become a Marine or go into the Army.  I went to the school to see if there was a problem.  I decided I needed to protect myself and prepare for the future when things fell apart.  I bought a rifle, automatic, and a couple of handguns.  I took my son with me to the range.  I took him to the range.  He became very good at using the weapons.  I was quite proud of him.  Then one day I saw the look in his eyes and I became afraid of him.

The Counselor called me in several times to tell me that the other children were having problems with him.  He tried to counsel him; but, was not able to get through to him.  That was the last I heard of it.  That was the last time when I found out he had been recruited by the NSA for his talents on the computer. They wanted me  to sign some papers so he could go to work for them.  I did so.

I understand now that his computer was wiped clean before he killed me and the children.  He was part of a plan to begin Gun control.  It was explained to me that the government would be taking many individuals in a Black Ops Operations throughout the country in that would bring shooting and gunfire into public opposition.  The media would be part of it.  Ever since Viet Nam, it has been perfected by the government, the ability to program and bring individuals to places and then erase the memory of the programming. So it would be easy to have someone shoot anyone.  The media would be notified ahead of time or be on alert.

The next step was to have children shot and killed with the media being there quickly afterward.  The President would have the Country’s support for Gun Control.  The media would create more controversy  and anyone who was against it would be seen to be against children or anyone weak.  There would be the argument about the 2nd Amendment and then there would be proposed that the Constitution was outdated.

The entire idea was that The United States of America was to bow to the United Nations.

Give up your guns or go to the FEMA camps with an Executive Order preceding that.  Removing all of your assets, IRS and every other federal agency coming down upon you.

We will support this with United Nations troops. 


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